Exciting Changes On the Way

By now you’ve probably figured out that I’m passionate about a few things!  Soap, for one — no surprise there.  Protecting our environment.  Promoting healthy, GMO-free foods. Empowering women around the globe to become economically self-sustaining by learning marketable skills. Rehabilitating wildlife, sheltering and adopting homeless pets and preventing cruelty to animals.  And like so many of you, I want to help – but sometimes the issues seem overwhelming, and one person can’t do it alone. So I’m excited to announce that Blossom & Twig Artisan Soaps will be transitioning to a new business model which not only aligns our products more closely with these values, but also partners with non-profit and private sector organizations dedicated to the same goals.

Lovin Soap Project

Beginning May 1st, we’re launching a two-fold Giving Back program!  First, we’ll donate monthly to the Lovin Soap Project, which teaches soapmaking and business skills to women in third world countries so they may support themselves and their families.  Two groups of Haitian women, whose lives were severely disrupted by the 2010 earthquake, have learned these skills during multiple workshops given over the last 14 months by Loving Soap Project volunteers. This summer, the project moves into Uganda to help women learn artisan soapmaking and how to successfully launch their own microbusinesses.  

Part Two of the new Giving Back program gives YOU a chance to participate!  Each quarter, I’ll donate a percentage of every purchase you make to fund programs that help the world around us.   Contenders for the initial donation include the  the Rainforest Trust, TerraPass, the Organic Consumers Association “Millions Against Monsanto” campaign, the World Wildlife Fund, and the Humane Society of the United States.  A new recipient will be chosen each quarter, so we can spread the love around.  Best of all, you can nominate your favorite organization for inclusion in our Giving Back program!  

Naturally, helping make the world a better place is super important — but it isn’t the only benefit you’ll receive from supporting Blossom & Twig.  Here’s what’s changing and how you’ll reap the rewards:

  • New websiteAlthough I’m no computer whiz, I’m (slowly) building a beautiful new WordPress site. 
    • BENNIES:  You’ll be able to shop directly from our own user-friendly store, follow the progress of your contributions to the Giving Back program, and read the latest blog post all in one place.  Oh, and when you sign up for our weekly news brief you’ll have a chance to win a year’s worth of soap! That’s right, a Baker’s Dozen (13) full-sized, best-of-the-best soaps direct from the curing rack to you!  Tentative launch date for the new website is May 1st.
  • New focus on ingredientsWe’re going 100% vegan, and every soap will be made with organic coconut milk!  And we’re working toward using all organic ingredients, except where the cost would be prohibitive to you.  In those instances, we’ll stick with our exceptional natural, sustainably harvested, and Fair Trade ingredients.  And as always, our products will be scented ONLY with pure plant-based essential oils, and will remain GMO-free, cruelty-free, and without synthetic chemicals, carcinogens, and other nasties. 
    • SO HOW DOES THIS HELP YOU?  First, there are TONS of people just like you that want the skin-loving benefits of milk soaps, but also want a vegan product.  That means traditional goats milk soap is out.  Enter coconut milk!  Not only is it  plant-based, it provides deep yet gentle cleansing without stripping away your skin’s natural oils; it’s full of vitamins, fatty acids, and other nutrients which replenish your skin’s moisture and leave it soft and hydrated;  it produces a creamy lather to create a rich, velvety feeling against your precious skin; and it creates LOADS of bubbles (yes, creamy AND bubbly lather)  – all without adding scent to the soap.  It’s completely non-toxic as well.
  • New product linesThree lines are in the works.  All Natural Soaps feature simple, eye-pleasing designs created with natural colorants, including botanical infusions, spices, herbs and clays.  Artisan Soaps showcase the latest design techniques and vibrant colors.  And our Signature Spa Soaps include our delectable sea salt bars, luscious complexion soaps, and several other new soaps with spa-quality ingredients like Dead Sea mud, seaweed extracts, botanical extracts and more.   All- Natural Soap
    • THE PERKS?  All the soaps in these lines will be available year-round, which means you never need to worry about running out.  You can reorder your favorites anytime with confidence they’ll be in stock.  In addition, each season I’ll whip up a batch or two of a special Limited Edition soap just for you!
  • Some products stay, some products goAs part of the rebranding effort, I’ll continue to offer our luscious, organically flavored lip butters as well as our incredible skin-softening body butters.  The body butters will be available seasonally, though, because summer heat and body butters don’t play well together. 🙂   But the remainder of our current product line is going bye-bye, at least for the foreseeable future.  That includes all bath salts, sugar scrubs, solid perfumes, pedi-rescue cream, lotion bars, and exfoliating lip scrub. 
    • THE GOOD NEWS?  These items are ON SALE in my Etsy shop right now for a whopping 50% off!  Get them while supplies last, because they won’t be available after April 30th.  Items not purchased by then will be donated to a local women’s shelter. So pop over to my Etsy shop right NOW and snap up as many of our fantastic products as you can at greatly reduced prices.  PLUS purchases totaling $75 get free shipping, too!  Just add coupon code 75FREESHIP at checkout to snag this valuable perk!

So, are you as excited about these changes as I am?  Does it make you happy to know that using Blossom & Twig’s skin-loving soaps also enables you to positively impact our shining blue-green planet and its inhabitants?  Of the fine organizations listed above, which one would you like to receive our very first group donation?  Do you have any suggestions for a favorite organization to include in the Giving Back program?  I’d love to hear from you!

love your skin, change the world...one bath at a time!


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