Year-End Sale – With a Twist!

Shopping frenzy

It’s that time again – the last mad rush to clear out inventory before New Year’s!  And it seems that many businesses start out with a modest discount – perhaps 20-25% off – and increase the discount over the course of the week.  By December 31st, there’s a sizeable discount, but the remaining stock is “picked over.”

So we’re doing our year-end sale with a twist:  starting at 11pm tonight until midnight tomorrow night, everything in my Etsy shop is 60% off!    That’s a huge savings, and you have lots of artisan bath and body products to choose from.  But…Thursday’s discount drops to 50% off, and 40% the day after, then 30%, right on through December 31st when the discount is only 10%.  So TONIGHT AND TOMORROW are your best bets for the best selection and the best price!

One final note – the Etsy shopping cart sometimes calculates outrageous shipping costs. Don’t despair!  You can request a corrected invoice before checking out, OR you can pay the full amount with the assurance that I always refund any shipping overpayment in excess of $1.

So don’t wait – visit Blossom & Twig on Etsy TONIGHT and let the frenzy begin!


Our Holiday Giveaway Ends Tonight!

Deluxe Gift Set Giveaway
Today’s Your Last Chance to Win a Holiday Bath & Body Gift Set – Enter Now!

The luxurious bath and body products in this deluxe Holiday Gift Set are handcrafted with care by Blossom & Twig Artisan Soaps.  Using only the finest natural, organic, sustainable and Fair Trade ingredients, and scented with pure essential oils, they are formulated to gently nourish and pamper your skin and lips.

Included in the boxed set are one bar of Yuletide vegan cold process soap, one Vanilla Shake vegan lip butter, one Lemon Chiffon whipped sugar scrub, one Cinnamon Twist whipped body butter with argan oil, one hand-crocheted cotton soap sack, and one light oak soap dish.   The winner may choose scent substitutions based on availability.

Eco-friendly packaging, too!

Enter the giveaway on my Facebook page by clicking the bright blue “Giveaway” tab underneath the large cover photo at the top of the page and following the easy instructions.  

Don’t wait – this giveaway ends TONIGHT at 11pm EST!

The giveaway is for US residents 18 and over.  The winner will be announced through the “Giveaway” tab on my Facebook page and will be contacted via email. 

Let the Blogging Begin!

Hello!  My name is Shari Lewis (yes, just like the delightful puppeteer who enchanted so many of us with her sidekick, Lamb Chop), and I love making soap…planning new batches of soap…admiring soap created by other talented soapmakers…well, you get the idea!  Right now there are about a dozen different bars of soapy deliciousness in my shower and besides, can you ever really have too much soap?  

An Addictive Hobby

My soapmaking obsession began one morning around the turn of the millennium. I simply woke up one day and wanted to make soap! I don’t know why, exactly. No one in my circle of friends or family made soap, and most of them seemed to think my desire to do so was sort of funny, or weird or a passing fancy. Who knows?  Perhaps, in some long-distant and forgotten past life, shrouded in the mists of time, I was the village soapmaker.

A decidedly unflattering photo taken about 13 years ago, when I was learning how to make soap. My batch had seized so I was consulting Robert McDaniel's book "Essentially Soap."

A decidedly unflattering photo taken about 13 years ago, when I was learning how to make soap. My batch had seized so I was consulting Robert McDaniel’s book “Essentially Soap.” Check out all the safety gear!

Nah, probably not. Most likely the desire to create soap (and later on, bath and body products) stemmed from my love of the creative process, and cooking and chemistry. There always was a little “mad scientist” in me.

When I first began, my soaps weren’t very pretty.  Oh, they worked well – they cleansed, softened and moisturized my skin – but they were very plain.  And homely soap was okay with me for years, although I tweaked my formula occasionally to make the soap even better.  Along the way, my library of soapmaking books grew, and I read them cover to cover, and honed my craft.  And I completed a certification program approved by the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy which helped me learn how to create wonderfully fragrant and safe essential oil blends for my soap and other products.

Plain Ol’ Soap to Soap Art

A few years ago, the artistry of soap captured my attention, and I subscribed to soapmaking blogs and forums, and looked at photos of beautifully crafted soap, and dreamed of creating my own soap art.  And now it’s not just a dream.  In March 2012, Blossom & Twig Artisan Soaps & Aromatics launched an Etsy shop, and my days are spent creating beautiful soap that gently pampers your skin.  Soap that uses natural, organic, Fair Trade, or sustainably harvested ingredients.  Soap that’s packaged with eco-friendly materials (because the Earth is our home and it’s important)!  Soap that contains no synthetic ingredients or petrochemicals or phthalates that might harm you or our environment.   You won’t believe the difference between my handcrafted soap and the commercial “soap” you’ve used for years!

Life Never Stands Still…

…and neither do I!  I’m a proud member of the Indie Beauty Network and the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild, as well as a Guild-certified soapmaker.  Beginning in January 2013 I’ll be teaching soapmaking classes as a certified soapmaker teacher.  There’s an advanced soapmaker certification beckoning to me, too!  And I’m learning about photography and lighting and Photoshop…and the learning never stops!  And that’s a very good thing.

If you have any questions, email me at shari [at] blossomandtwig dot com.

Thanks for visiting!

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