Meet the Soapmaker

Hi, I’m Shari and I’ve been making soap for almost 14 years.  In March 2012 I launched my business, Blossom & Twig Artisan Soaps & Aromatics, and it’s been a whirlwind ever since.  And I’m happy to say I absolutely love it!

Soap is never far from my mind. Even my husband is not immune to my soap obsession.  He’s made soap molds, shelves, a terrific soap cutter, a much-needed soap curing cabinet, and he even remodeled our 10×20’ gardening shed into a cute and functional workshop .  And he never complained (aloud, anyway).

Join me as I blog about the art and craft of soapmaking…the joys and frustrations of running a business…photography…daily life…and of course, my precious kitties!

My Babies


2 thoughts on “Meet the Soapmaker

  1. is the address on your products a location of a store? I am interested in getting some more of your lip butters.

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