Soap Challenge Club – Dandelion Zebra Swirl

This months’s challenge, hosted by Amy Warden of Great Cakes Soapworks, is the Dandelion Zebra swirl.  And the prize, generously provided by Bramble Berry® Soap Making Supplies, is a 5-quart glass mixing bowl with lid, plus 4-piece silicone tool set!

The Dandelion Zebra Swirl is a variation of the tiger stripe swirl, which I’ve done before and liked.  Instead of stripes throughout the soap, though, they appear only in one part of the soap.  Since December is fast approaching, creating a holiday-themed soap seemed a natural choice for the challenge.  So I chose to make a two-tone green soap with red and white stripes, and to scent it with pine needle, black spruce, and eucalyptus essential oils, with a titch of floral lavandin.  Smells so fresh and clean, like being in an evergreen forest on a snowy winter’s day!


Overall, I’m pleased with the soap.  It would have been better if the two shades of green were a little more distinct, but the stripes show up really well.  And there’s a little bit of a red and white swirl on top of the soap, too, just to tie it all together.

As for names, it’s a tossup between Christmas Candy, Santa’s Stockings, or Stocking Stuffer.  Or…??

This challenge was a lot of fun, and this swirl will definitely find its way into future soaps. Thanks, Amy, for hosting the challenge. 🙂

Til next post, stay clean my friends!


Name That Soap!

We all know about how “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry,” right?  Well, here’s one of my plans that went a little off course.

Full Moon

This soap, which features hombre layers, silver mica lines and a full moon embed, was intended to be available shortly before Halloween.  But due to unforeseen circumstances, it wasn’t made until the first week of October, meaning it won’t be fully cured until after the first week in November.  So all the spooky names I was considering will no longer work.  And I have no idea what to name it…which is where you come in!

From now through Sunday night, please submit your name suggestions on Blossom & Twig’s Facebook page.  Keep it clean, folks!  On Monday I’ll post a poll with the suggestions so our fans can vote for their favorite.  The name with the most votes will become the name of the soap, and the lucky person who suggested the name will win a free bar!  In case of a tie, there will be a vote-off.


I’ll Take It!

Rainbow Sherbet WMThe Mantra Swirl soap challenge is over — and I came in third!  Considering that I expected to win nothing at all, this is a very pleasant surprise.  This means my entry in the next challenge is free.  Like I said, I’ll take it!

My congrats to the winner, Noa Swanee Bonny (from France) and to Mariella Belknap, who took second place.  Both soaps were gorgeous.

And to those of you who voted for me, thank you so much!  Glad you liked my Rainbow Sherbet mantra swirl.